Hand-Picked & Made Locally With Love

Made with love from Washington Navel oranges from Arlington Garden’s own grove. Grown using regenerative gardening techniques and hand-picked by local volunteers before being turned into delicious marmalade by Sierra Madre’s famed E. Waldo Ward and Son. Everything about this product is local!

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Arlington Garden’s marmalade, like our garden, is a community-driven production from beginning to end, and reflects our commitment to community enrichment through partnership with local businesses and institutions. Each December, ripe oranges are hand-picked by volunteers, Sequoyah students, Girl Scouts and Food Forward. The oranges are then turned into delicious marmalade by E. Waldo Ward and Son, Sierra Madre’s famous gourmet food producer who has been making jam since 1891. We have made 2,265 cases or 27,180 jars of marmalade to date!

Our marmalade offers a taste of local history. Arlington Garden’s own orange grove is the only such grove remaining in Pasadena, California. Located a half-block from Orange Grove Boulevard (Millionaire’s Row) on the former site of the Durand House, our orange trees are planted in diagonal rows reminiscent of the orange groves that were such a vital part of the history of Pasadena and its San Gabriel Valley environs.

And our marmalade doesn’t only taste good – it also does good! By buying this delicious treat, you will be supporting Arlington Garden’s efforts to promote climate-appropriate, water-wise gardening and nurture environmental stewardship, in addition to offering a place of respite and an urban forest in the middle of Pasadena.

Find a jar of marmalade at our local partner-vendors pinned on the map below.

The Perfect Sweet Accompaniment and Gift

Our marmalade has proven to be a terrific accompaniment at any time of day – get creative! It is perfect on English Muffins or toast for breakfast, on hors d’oeuvres or in fruity cocktails for happy hour, or stirred into Greek yogurt and sprinkled with some granola for a mid-afternoon snack. It also makes a fantastic gift to family and friends all through the year, but especially during the holiday season. Subscribe to the Arlington Garden newsletter for some marmalade-related recipe ideas sent to your inbox!


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