Arlington is a unique and important community garden with strong roots in Pasadena. More than a beautiful place to rest and recharge, it is a model for a better future in which gardens replace freeways, protect cities from climate change, and rebuild native habitats. To continue to provide essential care for this special place, Arlington Garden is launching a campaign for $25,000.

Please help us by donating to our “Care for Arlington” Campaign!



Arlington Garden is not a municipal park. We are a non-profit entrusted with the health of this special landscape. Due to financial support from our generous community, this past year we were able to use our capital improvements fund to complete urgent high-priority upkeep!

Thanks to your generous donations, this past year we were able to …

  • hire certified arborists to prune and perform essential maintenance on the olive trees in our large formal gathering area
  • remove numerous diseased trees or trees at risk of toppling in a storm
  • plant hundreds of new native plants thanks to donors to our Botanical Fund
  • repair the front entrance path to make it more accessible and expand the garden shed
  • build a new staging area for our volunteer gardeners
  • remove or repair garden architecture that had been damaged

Caring for Arlington Garden requires constant pruning, replanting, and shaping. In fact, we use the word “care” because “maintenance” doesn’t neatly apply to a garden; it suggests something static, to be maintained, whereas gardens are living, changing, malleable things. Arlington is always shifting and evolving – no season is the same from year-to-year.  

  • % OF $25,000 GOAL REACHED 58% 58%


This past year’s vital work completely depleted our capital improvements fund. Your donations to our campaign will help us continue essential projects and garden care in the year ahead. Among other things, we may use the funds to …

  • improve citrus orchard soil through cover-cropping;
  • work with certified arborists to structurally prune our aging trees;
  • install a new community table made from the trunk of our recently deceased live oak;
  • update our aging irrigation system to better handle extreme heat.


Thanks in part to our successful 2022 Summer Campaign, this past year PUSD students visited the garden to learn about composting, urban tree canopy, and our local watershed! Our staff and volunteers need your support to cultivate a garden that inspires these students to be gardeners, ecologists, and responsible stewards, and to sustain our garden “rooms” so that they are accessible to everyone. In fact, by caring for Arlington, you are also caring for the next generation!


The health of gardens like Arlington has never been more important as we face punishing heat waves and other climate challenges. But we cannot continue our vital work without you! We are not a municipal park. The majority of our income comes from donations from individuals like you, and crowdfunding campaigns like this one are an opportunity for our whole community to come together in support of Arlington.

Over the past several years, these campaigns have been absolutely crucial sources of revenue for the garden, and we are very thankful to our farsighted and generous donors!

Celebrate our local California aesthetic, fight the effects of climate change, and keep Arlington beautiful by giving to our Summer Campaign.




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