16th Anniversary: A Year of Renewal

“This year marks the 16th Anniversary of the McKenney Family Arlington Garden in Pasadena.  If you have visited the garden recently, you know that we have played a vital role during the pandemic as a joyful place of refuge, welcoming everyone to reconnect with the natural world and recharge in this troubling time. Like many others, the pandemic forced us to find new ways of engaging with our community, and we are proud of what we’ve achieved, emerging stronger and more connected to our visitors and supporters.

As the pandemic wanes, we have the opportunity to dream beyond the borders of the garden and reimagine our urban environment in the model of Arlington Garden – to reconceive the city itself as a place of refuge and connection to the vast web of life surrounding us. At the garden, this dream manifests through our work to continue to improve and grow as an inspiration for this future landscape: a beautiful, healthy urban habitat garden welcoming and engaging everyone. Please help us continue to grow and inspire a healthier future by donating during our Sweet 16 year!

A Year Of Renewal

Thanks to our generous community, we weathered the pandemic last year with a successful 2020 campaign that raised $120,000 for the garden. This funding allowed us to pivot our community engagement and remain resilient during a difficult time.

During the past year, this funding allowed us to make important enhancements to the garden with the support of our hard-working volunteers including:

  • Revitalizing the native meadow area and adding planting beds for seasonal, temporary food crops. 

  • Completing new educational signage about the garden and its inhabitants.

  • Creating new pathways and Hugelkultur mounds.

  • Updating our irrigation system in the Olive Allée.

  • Updating our irrigation system in the orange grove.
  • Commissioning a gorgeous new welcome gate!

Healthy gardens are not static but rather living things. And gardening is as much a matter of growth and renewal as it is a process of trimming and control. Any contribution you are able to make will help the garden flourish by expanding our current improvement projects: we hope to add additional educational signage, and increase our tree care budget. And it will help us reach beyond the garden, with brand new educational outreach and programming, such as a garden guide designed for PUSD for all local 5th graders and a new educational workshop series!

Arlington Garden is not a municipal park. Our single largest source of revenue is donations from individuals like you who appreciate our work as a free habitat garden inspiring a healthier tomorrow. Please help us continue to serve as a model for this future urban landscape. Your donation will fund ongoing improvements to the garden and inspire post-pandemic dreams during our Sweet Sixteen year!


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