Announcing our “Sweet 16” Art Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted their artwork–the high quality of the artwork that was submitted made the  judging very difficult.

1st place/grand prize: Ashley T. 10th grade

My art piece is a painting of the wishing trees in the Arlington Garden. They are my favorite part of the garden because I like to read the notes that others have left on the trees and see what they hope to achieve in the future, as well as their thoughts and aspirations. I really love how the garden was able to cultivate this tradition. 

Her print is featured on our tote bags. Your purchase helps the garden with more programming. 

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2nd place: Charlotte D., 10th grade

When I visited Arlington Garden for the first time, I felt like I was engulfed in nature and overwhelmed with its color and beauty. I tried to emulate that feeling into my  18 x 24 inch piece. I was inspired by the textures and movement I saw in the plants and used those motions to guide my hand as I painted across my canvas. I used my hands instead of a paint brush because I wanted copy the motion of planting seeds. I mixed all my colors on the canvas not a palette because I wanted my painting to be as raw and real as nature.

3rd place: Mira W., 10th grade

My art piece is a landscape of a distinct view within the garden that I felt captured its unconventional beauty. The garden inspires me because it provides an escape from our constructed urban environment by allowing me to feel the liberating peace of a natural world setting. Being in a place that feels less constructed encourages me to take a mental break once in a while, reassuring me that everything in my life doesn’t have to be perfectly planned out. I attempted to show the gardens inspiring free flowing spirit through my loose brush strokes in my impressionist style oil painting.


1st Place

Winner will have their artwork turned into a tote bag, along with a gift basket of art supplies from Blick Art Materials in Pasadena, and prizes from Patagonia Pasadena, including a backpack, water bottle, and T-shirt.


2nd Place

Gift bag of art supplies from Blick Art Material in Pasadena and Patagonia Pasadena pencil cases.

3rd Place

T-shirt and pencil cases from Patagonia Pasadena.

Thank you to Patagonia Pasadena and Blick Art Materials in Pasadena for your donations!



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